After setting up a platform, you have to focus on making content. You have to maintain an explicit rate of posting to have some space in the search market.

Sometimes, posting may delay due to a lack of proper fresh ideas.

How to develop Blog Post Ideas?

We have allocated some of the highly practised procedures for generating ideas if you are stuck.

Using Q/A platforms

Q/A platforms like Quora is most suitable for finding inspiration about ideas. People post different interrogation and inquiries in such shareware.

This question-answer stage can be useful for getting clients and lead generations.

For instance, I search for Blog in Quora. And I was greeted with many options.

Meanwhile, I found a plethora of ideas for a blog post.

If you follow up the thread, eventually you will have a wave of thoughts striking in your brain

Search Engine Trends

There are different search engines, each with a specific feature.

In fact, a search engine for pictures like Pinterest provides a prediction box, which assists to know about the better post.

Apart from this, a search engine like Google serves with Google keyword planner (GKP). GKP extracts out keywords with the most search volume.

Also, Google Trends can confirm your blog. It will illustrate whether your idea is gaining popularity or not as well.

Elaborate Yourself

You don’t have to save any academic qualifications for talking about yourself.

Neither do you have to perfect any problem? Always remember, you are one step ahead of some people out there, and they need your guidance.

That is to say, write about yourself about how you have reached the level. Just brainstorm about your tough time, and how you cope with them.

Eventually, decorate your experience with words in your blog.

Ask “Blog Post Bank”

If you are running low on blog post ideas, check out blog post bank. In the same fashion, you can create your A blog bank for future reference. Some of the suggested ideas for the bank can be:

  • How-To Guide
  • Top Blogs in Your Niche
  • List of The Best Resources or Tools
  • Best Apps in Your Niche
  • Case Studies
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Interviews
  • Guest Posts
  • Product Reviews


HARO is a site where professional reporters and bloggers visit for free original content. HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out.

All you have to do is put your email in HARO. And without a doubt, HARO will send you daily messages with a list of niches.

It is the best source for guest blogging and acquiring white-hat backlinks as well. Of the received messages, you can just skip the guest blogging and focus on blog ideas.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are enriching with a vast source of creativity for a blog post.

One can either own or be a member of any group helping people with ideas. Just like, you have to post something like “Help me out with an idea”.

Indeed, you will be with plenty of thoughts from the group members.

Deal with Case Study

You can share about any case study that some of your readers have achieved.

In the meantime, you can hand out a study on someone else’s blog too. Equally, you have to mention your commentary and viewpoint.

Expert Interview

Most probable, you can get someone with expertise in your niche. It may result to gather more information on your topics and can be able to interview him.

Thereupon you can allocate such an interview in your post as well. The interview can be in many formats.

To enumerate, one can use Google Hangout, YouTube, or send questions through email and get their written replies for the interview.

Welcome Guest Posts

Getting quality guest posts is a better way to access free content. For the most part, nearly all bloggers want backlinks.

Above all, if you provide any way to write content on your blog and send them backlinks to their blog. You will have many interested people and niches as well.

Research Your Competition

Straightaway you can look for new ideas by surfing competitor’s websites. Once you are with your project, you can continue more research on Google.

Even with SEO tools, you can get enough useful information about the SEO structure of competitors. Under these circumstances, you can use GKP to learn about search volumes of related keywords to include in your articles.

Getting Organic Traffic To Your Blog

After a few days, you realize that your subject hasn’t covered much of the audience. It is prime to discern that without an audience, your blog is dead.

1) Reverse Pitch Method

Conversely, there are many strategies and instructions to generate sufficient organic traffic. Among them, the most popular is the “Reverse Pitch Method”.

This method even increases your search engine rankings. It will drive the crowd from Google Search to your blog. The algorithm of the Reverse Pitch Method is

a) Find suitable Keywords for your post

Suitable keywords with average search volume should be selected. There are many keyword finding tools like KWFinder and Ubersuggest to generate a list of keywords.

While writing articles most people stick to one keyword with a larger search volume. Instead, one should choose multiple small volume keywords.

These small searched keywords will increase search engine rank without any backlinks.


The arithmetic is simple. Consider 100 keywords with an average of 500 searches per month. Simply, this will usher the article to 50000 audiences in a month.

Within no time, Google will recognize your site and promotes you.

b) Start Reverse Pitching

During this process, one will pitch before writing content. The procedural involves pitching content, try to get backlinks and creating content.

You will have to contact other bloggers to contribute to your content. Meanwhile, you can plan for linking all the contents.

To do this, firstly you need to create a list of sites that are ready for contribution. For this purpose, you can use digital marketing tools as well.

Next, ask Google for topics that do not directly compete with your post. If the post is about “blog-content” then you can Google something like “how to start a blog”.

All website owners are haunting for backlinks. So, there will be chances that they will be excited about your offer for a link.

Moreover, they may consider linking to your article once it’s finished.

Overall, your response rate will be higher than the “Normal Pitching” method.

c) Gather feedbacks

After sufficient responses, create a fantastic article. Most important, it should be of high quality and easy to read.

Simultaneously, publish your article on your site and contact all the contributors, expressing your gratitude with the finished post link.

Therefore, it works like a bijou and will result in:

  • High-quality content based on real values
  • A better number of near-instant backlinks to it
  • Rankings and traffic

2)Enchanting Niche for Blog

You may find the niche interesting, but you have to consider some cautions. Many enter in niche market enthusiastically and go blank after some article.

Some get depressed because the result might not be according to your expectation. Although you are consistent on your site, you may earn low, since money through niche is a gradual phenomenon.

Hence, you have to find a simple way to keep your spirit up and to find opportunities in a blogging niche.

a) Proper Niche Market

Well, you are ready with scrap plans, now it is time to find a proper niche market for yourself. Impotent to opt for better niche ideas.

We recommend you to accompany these simple steps:

i) Ask yourself

It is the most rudimentary way to generate ideas. Ask yourself about your hobbies, interests, potentials and goal for getting into niche marketing.

Nonetheless, never hold back when implementing this brainstorming. You can always pollard your list of niche markets and narrow it later.

ii) Research online

Now you are armoured with yourself, the next step will be finding what other people are mostly interested in. You can get an abundance of online platforms for this. Yet the most compelling stage will be e-commerce.

E-commerce comes up with different manufacture’s products and with a list of best-sellers. You will get a proposition about tech and innovative products and services as well.

Don’t bother to count for profitability. Just go on adding ideas to your list.

iii) Discuss with a friend

All your preparations are complete but pre-occupied? Just pay a visit to your friends, and ask what kind of stuff they prefer to buy.

You might unveil some of the unthought hobbies too.

b) Checking Profitableness

Now you are with a list of your niche ideas. At this point, you have to choose the best among them to gain more.

Effectively, Google Trends can come out to a better alternative.

All you have to perform is, log on to Google Trends, share your niche with google, and wait for the graph. Make sure of the location, you are going to serve.

I have searched for “Bakery” with the location of Canada and get an impressive graph. Better to have selected “2004-present” to get detail of your niche.

Further, you can compare all of your niches by clicking “Add Comparison” there. As I have searched for “cakes”, “pastry” and “candy”, Google showed that “cake” is of no-match.

Thus, “cake” can be taken as a better niche, since it is still trending.

c) Competitor Analysis

While you are ready with your niche, you must be aware of your key competitors. For this, Google up your niche to check out what site comes up first.

Then, you have to identify all the strengths and weaknesses, you may earn low, Although of the websites that are top of the search engine result.

For this, you can use tools to check out the regular traffic of those sites. Similarly, you can get an SEO audit for the site with free sites.

Likewise, you can sign up for their newsletter if they have an automated email campaign as well.

The next course of action can be taking some time to think about your brand to put something on the table.

Finally, you will be geared to stand in the market.

d) Become Active on Niche Related Forums

After organizing every single thing, you have to find some niche related forums. Eventually, you have to become active in them.

The more active you are, the more traffic you will get. Provided that, you have used a username related to your site.

Take the case of writing engaging tutorials and replying to other users. Get yourself to Google and just go around with some tips to increase your traffic as well.

You can search for your niche related posts on Google or other discussion panels. And there you may paste your web address to divert people to your website.

Of course, this is a slow process but is more effective for organic traffic.

3) Have quintessential Social Media

Everyone will endorse social media these days. Search for the perfect platform that will fit your blog content. You can choose Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and may have an automated Email List to nurture your niche. The solitary concept is to be equally active with the social account as well.

On Facebook, you might have to create a page. Besides, you can join or create a Facebook group related to your niche or any topic that might inspire you.

Once you are in the group or your page has to boost up in the market, you will be embraced as a valued member. Thus, you can share your links to content there to grow traffics.

Equally important, Google+ works the same. Yet you have to join communities to share your ideologies.

Pinterest is another better substitute for the social media market. Pinterest is more search engine than social media. You can ride the waves of trending pins to generate more niches.

You can subscribe to Pinterest news to update yourself. Similarly, you can add at least 5-6 hashtags to the swinging relevant niche’s keywords.

On the other hand, you can circulate your content by creating new pins to a few personal boards, and then group all your pins.

Equally, live pinning is one of the most ignored ways to increase your traffic and engagement.

4) Start Email Marketing

As compared to others, email marketing is the most predominant to grow your reach.

When you grow your email client’s list, you can have a bridge between your site and them without spending any penny.

You can send your content and new blogs to them through emails. This will bring new content in front of your regular and new visitors as well.

You can use certain tools like GetResponse for your email list management. GetResponse converts web visitors to subscribers.

More importantly, such tools ensure your email camping generates the best possible outcome. Some of them come up with autoresponders and follow up messages to the client.

Some will generate analytics to track every opened email, and all the purchases made.

These tools will help to achieve success by making your content more responsive and, all the subscribers a profitable contact to you.

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