During the early phases, a blog was more of a personal diary, that people used online.

Later, people found that a blog was a better opportunity for sharing information.

Eventually, it became an online informational website.

Nowadays, it has been modified to a common platform where people share their views on any particular topic.

The purpose of blogging might be connecting to some relevant audience or enhancing any business.

On the other hand, blogging boosts interactions and provides an alternative career for a passive source of income.

Bloggers are the people who post on different topics of arts, crafting, and articles.

Now, you might be wondering from where do you start blogging? Don’t worry, we have got step-by-step beginners to guide blogging.

Start a Blog in 2021: Step By Step

Starting a blog can really be hard for beginners. But little they know, it is so easy that it can be started with just a few clicks?

Blogging is all about interest. Usually, I blog by surfing many sites available online.

Some suggest having some good content. Whereas some suggest focusing on SEO.

But what we actually should do?

Here we have prepared a step-by-step guide you should consider before starting a blog.

This guide consists of steps that are made by concluding.

Step 1: Choose a Niche

The first and foremost thing before writing a blog is to find a niche.

Statistically, there are more than 2 million blogs published every single day. Therefore, you must accede to a better niche market for your blog.

Indeed, it is one of the major concerns about your blog site, else your blog may not yield much profit. You will have to find a better niche.

You can follow the following plan of action to escalate your limitations about a niche:

a) Understanding about Niche

Any niche with the following boundaries is always considered best. One must understand these jottings as well.

  1. Consumers are willing to spend money online
  2. Consumers are facing problems in
  3. There are products that you can promote or sell
  4. You have a decent understanding of the products.

To rephrase, there are some niches where you will find it difficult to get consumers to part with their money.

Also, you must be sure about the products in your niche that can promote or sell too.

By all means, it is always advantageous to sell products that are already on the market.

In the same fashion, you must be savvy enough to seize the certitude of your client about the products you are selling.

b) Passion vs. Money

It has been a long time since the war between passion and money exists. At a certain landmark, it is equally confusing about choosing passion or money.

You must be in dilemma either to follow your passionate niche or money generating niche.

Comparatively, you might find it more enjoyable if you will go along with your enthusiasm.

But you will get busted if your blog is not monetized either.

Contrarily you choose money, that’s what most people do these days.

On the other hand, if you know nothing about or are a less absorbing niche, your content will be average and less convincing too.

As can be seen, you won’t be attracting many spectators because of less-quality articles.

As a result, in either case, you will gain less or no profit at all. On balance, it is best to stick with niches that encapsulate both of them.

Step 2: Find A Perfect Name

Now that you have found your niche, it is time for the second process and that is finding the best name for your blog.

It’s a monotonous task to check out a blog name for your blog. A memorable and winning name is the main agenda.

Even a memorable name can be the best or worst part of your blog. Besides, the taste-enhancing ingredients for a better blog can be


The purpose, generating leads, and goal-accomplishing should be specific. Your blog should have some proper metrics to measure your progress as well.


You have to schedule your posting plans. Further, you have to short out a list of authentic authors for your publications.

And of course, your blog should be flexible enough to include incorporate video, podcasting, and social continent.


You have to be comprehensible with your writing. Comparatively, it may be for yourself or any company.

The main motive of your manuscript should be intelligible too.

Your audience is the sole of the blog. Knowing about your audience, you can decide your blog name that they will adore.

But, don’t waste your money on buying a “fetching” domain name.

You need to consider your end goals too. Some may sell their blog after holding onto it for a while. Some may abandon the purpose too.

It is predominant to find out the answer yourself before you name your blog.

  • What does my audience care about the most?
  • If they could get at least one thing from my blog, what would it be?
  • How do I want people to feel when they read my blog?
  • Where will I be including my calls to action – in my posts? within the header? on the sidebars?
  • Why are my people going to convert into subscribers/buyers?

These questions may feel dispiriting, but they are crucial. You have to brainstorm such queries before you go on with a name.

Likewise, the most general attributes for selecting a better blog name can be:

A 2-words domain name

A combination of adjective-noun, verb-noun, and noun-noun is the most desirable blog name combination for maximum impact.

Our brain is built-in to remember word pairs. So, this kind of combo glue inside the mind of the audience.

There are some sites like BlueHost to help during your brainstorming. You can also use Namecheap.

Never fall for anything except a .com domain

The temptation for domains like .net or .org is high. Yet, a .com domain is best among all.

Imagine putting tons of effort into your blog with the .org domain is generating thousands of traffic with a month.

But your regular repeat visitor will be unable to find your site because of the automatic switching of the brain to .com memory.

Albeit, if you become super successful with a .com, it will maintain the rate of success.

Flexibility and Adaptability

As soon as you start looking up some ideas on domain registrars, you realize that the simplest is already taken. At this moment, you play with word order to find out some solutions.

A better recommendation would be; don’t limit yourself with simple and most obvious words. Instead, try to incorporate the above-mentioned combo that people use daily.

Consider Your Competitors’ Name

If you are beginning your blogging career, you will have no competitors. So, if you are struggling with the name, just think of something to fill up space.

In the meanwhile, if you are a blog-enthusiastic, you will certainly anticipate some of the popular bloggers.

But when the tables are turned, it becomes a great opportunity to better understand the space.

Summing up you can start the competition for audience attention.

Ask a Friend

In case the brain is preoccupied with some other important decision. It is best to ask a friend for a suggestion.

Conceptualizing a firm dream by discussing the motives with your kin one, is the foremost resolution ever.

In a nutshell, make your name short, sweet and simple with a .com domain to stand out from the crowd.

To repeat, be creative, compassionate and try to create unique contentment.

Step 3: Get A Hosting

After choosing the niche and a name for your blog, the very first technical step to start a blog is to find a hosting.

There are plenty of hosting companies in the world. But you might be confused about choosing one among the best? The thing to understand is that you should never use free hosting.

Besides, it is better to have your own hosting. Thus, good hosting is the most basic requirement before blogging.

Additionally one should include a customizable site and better content with optimized keywords as well.

If you don’t have some hosting, you will need to buy some. Hosting software and tools should be affordable to your business.

BlueHost is the best surrogate for those having a tight budget. Before setting up a domain name, hosting is a must.

It has a 24/7 expert support feature. Its pricing is far more affordable and cheaper than others.


BlueHost comes up with basic to pro plans as well.

Along with different handsome plans, it offers bewitching features to customers too.

BlueHost provides a complete web hosting solution. It has free migrations for those who are not satisfied with the current host.

It is recommended, to make your blog brandable if you desire to build a plethora of traffics.

After selecting the appropriate plan, you will be taken to the domain section of BlueHost.

Here, you can either create a new domain or input an existing domain.

Once you have filled up the details, the better next step will be domain privacy. You need to buy a domain too.

We have a few paragraphs about the domain below. It is quite simple if you follow up the step-wise instructions.

BlueHost will install WordPress for you as well. All you have to create a password for your entrance and choose a tempting theme for your website.

We will show you how to choose a proper theme too. You can change it later on.

Are you all done? Now you will be hallooed with a window having the tag “Start Building”. Go around with the instructions:

  • Click on “BlueHost”
  • Select “Home”
  • Launch your site by clicking “Launch”
  • Name the blog and click on “Next Step”

Now you will be allowed to start your blogging. Significantly, you will be with the backend where you can perform Live Chat as well.

Other hosting may make you install WordPress yourself. Despite this, it can be a time-consuming and mind-numbing assignment.

Step 4: Choose A Theme

The most daunting task is selecting a proper theme for your blog. There is the opulence of WordPress themes in the market.

Many feel saturated when it comes to choosing a theme.

Besides, each looks better than the other. Thus choosing the perfect theme, for your blog is definitely crucial.

Some of them hit the sweet spot of vision and attract more traffic. But some may convert your all effort of blogging into irresponsive output.

Hence, before buying any theme, it is supreme to limit your bucket list and be specific about your dos and don’ts.

You must be crystal clear about all the features available along with the theme. The theme must be customizable, as well.

And responsive design provides an easy-to-use interface for visitors.

Moreover, it enables your blog to be device-compatible, not only on the laptop but on multiple devices.

Overall, it is better to use a premium theme. Yet, free themes will be okay if you are tight on your budget.

Additionally, be sure if your theme supports updates and guide support as well. Always remember, your theme is the face of your website.

Most WordPress themes are already responsive by default but, we recommend these two if you want a better theme for your blog.

The Schema

Schema is the fastest loading, secure, lightweight, and ultra-SEO friendly WordPress theme which is much responsive and fast.

In the same fashion, it has a clean interface that leads Google to understand your content more effectively.

Moreover, the schema includes rich snippets as well. It will increase your rank on SERP too. And this theme has custom options panels and widgets too.

Also, it decreases your page load time and increases page speed grade. Further, it increases social media share.

Likewise, it has social media integration for social media marketing and is cross-browser compatible i.e. will work with popular web browsers.

Its built-in review system will let users review your posts in the comment.


Neve is a WordPress theme, mostly used in long-standing businesses. It has all the flexibility of HTML and CSS and is easy to edit too. It has reliable updates and an easy setup.

On the other hand, it has sleek designs and is fast and responsive as well. Overall, it has lightweight and keeps your site on Google’s good side.

It has a library with ready to import demo content, which takes no time to get into the website.

Further, new designs are added at the end of each month too.

Equally, Neve commissions your online store with wonderfully designed smooth WooCommerce integration.

Step 5: Create Contents

Creating content may be a difficult task. But if you follow the below-mentioned tips, it gets easier for you to make contents that are actually worthy and valuable.

These tips are the must-follow tips before writing a blog.

Blog Outline

The great blog post comes up with a great schedule. Even the best blog’s own needs to create some scrap to track the progress.

Another key point, the outline need not be lengthy. Instead, it should be enough to decide on your further strategy.

Evidently, you can create your schedule something like:

  • Planning
  • Writing
  • Rewriting/ Editing
  • Optimizing
  • Conclusion

Bind your Audience

Before you start writing, you must brainstorm about your viewer. You must be confident about who your audience will be.

On the one hand, you should think about your audience’s stipulation.

Resembles difficult to visualize? Well, there are plenty of resources to assist you with the most searched keywords.

We will discuss it in detail. So, stay tuned!

Mesmerizing Headlines and Contents

The hypnotic headline is the best alternative. Such allures many spectators as mostly a book is judged by its cover.

Even your headline is captivating enough, but your content lags may increase your bounce-back rate.

It will imprint a negative impact on search engine bot, and your blog may get spammed sooner or later.

Apart from that, a short paragraph will make it easier to read.

Remember, all kinds of content are not quality content. Quality content drives the abundance of patrons to your site.

Equally important, onlookers visit your blog for some specific piece of information too.

Thus, it is crucial to organize your idea through subheadings and use bullet points if possible.


Human brains are virtuous at processing visual content faster than written text.

That’s why infographics have proven to be a worthy element in your blog.

Infographics may include pictures, videos, and presentations as well. There are tons of stunning free high-quality images source as well.

But before embracing multimedia, be assured that it is completely free. Else, you may have to face copyright penalties and other cyberlaw violence acts.

Besides downloading from external sources, you can create some pieces of art by yourself using various graphics designing software.

You may hire some affiliate marketers to perform the graphics portion of your blog.

Overall, a good blend of text and multimedia is the perfect flavour of a successful blog as well.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the blogging world, there’s still a quandary, whether to design considering the user’s experience (UX) or SEO.

Google drives enormous organic traffic if your site is well optimized. The search engine loves content valuable to the reader, as well.

If your article is established on UX, you will get viewers from well-taste.

The core contrivance is balance. You should keep a perfect balance between UX and SEO.

In the same fashion, if you desire to optimize your site, the following suggestions should be implemented:

  1. Fit a suitable meta-tag with suitable meta-description
  2. Focus on the keyword density
  3. Use variations in keyword
  4. Add alt-text to images
  5. Create inbound links and external links

Now that you have visualized and done the homework for your blog, it’s time to bring it to live on the site.

Start putting the content on the site and then publish it.

Remember, creating daily niche-specific content or blog is important.

After a definite collapse of time, you will find vast traffic to your site. Gradually, it increases the SEO page rank.

Sooner or later, you will be on top of the search engine page.

Here we have mentioned the best ways to get amazing ideas for your blog.

Final Words

If you are new to blogging, don’t panic and frustrate out. Keep on studying and learning.

Many platforms will teach you. Balanced against, some will guide and walk with you side-by-side till you are independent enough. Try and try until you succeed.

Even you will be able to throw your blog in front of thousands of audiences during the learning phase. You just need to be active in your niche.

Above all the above-mentioned steps will surely, escort you to achieve your fantasy.

Sometimes you will run out of thoughts. Cheer up and chill in such a case.

The more you relax and surf the net, the more you will get innovative ideas.

All in all, building a better blog site will take some time. Consequently, establishing a realm will take more time. Always try to be optimistic.

And yes, Rome was not built in a day!

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